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Equal Exchange Coffee Finder

Equal Exchange Coffee Finder. Brew It. Drink It. Love It.

Looking for a coffee that you'll really love? Simply select your preferences below and we'll tell you which coffees best match your selections. Prefer decaf or flavored coffees? Please visit our website for those options. Now, start selectin'.

Roast (what's this?)


Medium Roast

This offers the sweetest, brightest, most accurate flavor profile of the individual coffees. It reveals the coffee bean’s true characteristics. You’ll notice the beans have a dry appearance.

Full City Roast

Oils start to appear on the surface of the beans. The sugars caramelize a little longer, offering new depth to the flavors without covering up acidity. We’re taming the tart while highlighting the sweet.

Vienna Roast

The beans have a scarlet maple coloring with an oily surface. This roast offers dense caramelized sugars, and smokiness for more bittersweet flavors. Think cooked fruit. Think maple and mesquite. Think dark chocolate.

French Roast

This one is all about the roast profile, with heavy oils on the beans and a dark brown color. But we make sure the beans offer something more – heavy mouthfeel, smoky flavors, and a sweet, refreshing aftertaste.

Flavor Intensity (what's this)

Flavor Intensity

Flavor intensity is our way of enticing your senses with the wide variety of specialty attributes found in our coffee. Each category will provide you with a glimpse into what each coffee has to offer. The low intensity coffees have soft, sweet and mild characteristics, whereas the medium intensity coffees offer a well balanced and harmonious group of flavors, and our high intensity options provide the coffee drinker with bold and complex flavor.

Mouthfeel (what's this?)


Mouthfeel can be described as the weight, texture and thickness of coffee. We describe these sensations by letting the coffee rest on the tongue and rubbing the roof of our mouths to move the liquid over our taste buds. Think about the light mouthfeel you find in a glass of water (soft), compared to the creamy texture of whole milk (creamy) or the rich syrupy texture of maple syrup (dense).

Acidity (what's this?)


Acidity is the bright, zesty sensation found in coffee. We describe this as perceived acidity, where tiny protons come into contact with flavor receptors on the tongue to produce a range of intensities–from delicate to striking– that add to a coffee’s complexity and refined character. A variety of acids are produced through coffee cultivation, altitude, processing and roasting. However, the pH level of coffee is only pH 5.3 (7 is neutral), very similar to white rice or beer.

Flavor (what's this?)


Our specialty coffees exhibit natural flavors that are a direct result of the soil in which they were grown, combined with the care and cultivation techniques used by our farmer partners. As coffee roasters, we strive to enhance the sweet, distinct flavors found on the cupping table and provide you with intimate tasting notes like fresh blueberries, lightly roasted pecans, heavy dark chocolate and more. Choose from six different flavor categories and celebrate the true essence of our coffee.

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